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B15 500mcg/ml 30ml

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Image result for Cardoxin 10mlB15 INJECTABLE - Calcium Pangamate - The Fatigue Fighter

B15 is the most effective fatigue fighter in the world today. B15 builds stamina and helps to increase nitrogen uptake in the blood. It goes further than B12 in helping your birds achieve more wins and when used in conjunction with b12 will greatly improve your winning percentage. With unmatched effects, B15 effectively remove the lactic acid that forms around the muscle cells that signal when muscles are fatigued. What this means is you will get much more out of your game birds where it counts, in the pit.

¼ cc per 5 lbs of body weight given 1 to 2 times a week during conditioning period with last injection given within 24 hours of competition intramuscular.